The world and water in Islam….

lesson from water

———–As you know water has most important role to maintain life on the earth. and you also know that if we sank in water then we will die.

let me tell you what lesson i learned from water in my life. Everybody like to swimming. And i also like it. But I still don’t know how to swim. I always swim in low water.

One day I went to Fatehpur with my friends. To meet friends there. The sun was extremely hot. Talked with friends for a while, then friends suggested going to the swimming pool. I said let’s go.

We reached the swimming pool, and I first went and dipped in the water. This was my first mistake. ( never touch the water without knowing the depth) Well now I am in the water and calm, but when I wanted to set foot down I could not do it. Then I realized I was in deep water.

I’m trying to swim but i can’t . wanted to shout but i can’t take breath.
water is going inside my mouth and nose.

My friends were standing on the side watching me maybe I was joking. They’ve been watching me for a while. But when they realized that I was not joking, my brothers saved me by putting their lives in trouble.
becuase they also couldn’t swim. But I survived that is why you are reading my blog today.

As you have seen, water is our source of survival. And if the same water goes over the head, it can take life.

This is what my religion of Islam teaches that this world is mortal, use it according to necessity; if you let it go over your head then it will ruin your life in the Hereafter and make this life ruinous.

Thanks for reading may be my blog helped you to learn something.
take care. Allah Hafiz..

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