Do you know why Pakistan’s ISI agency’s symbol is a goat named Markhor?

Inter Services Intelligence

Markhoor means Snake eater (a Persian word). Markhoor is national animal of Pakistan and is found largely in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kashmir and Uzbekistan. The animal is exclusively available in this specific region. 
The use of such animal as a logo shows that the agency is “Solely East.” 
It has its own standards and very specific special methodologies and perspectives of Life. It does not adopt new conditions and is the hardliner when it comes to the Identity.

The snake is considered as a symbol of bad fortune, enmity and certain other negative attributes. Markhoor eats snake (a dangerous and poisonous species) and in the meanwhile is a noble animal. So, the logo depicts that
“We don’t hate our enemies we just neutralize, the poison in their blood.”

Markhor is well adapted to mountainous terrain, and can be found between 600-3,600 meters in elevation and lives near cliff-edges.

The species is near to extinct but does not adapt a changed environment which shows its devotion to its habitat. The death is acceptable to Markhor but not the compromise on the home and family.

It is illegal to hunt markhor in Afghanistan, they have been traditionally hunted in Nuristan and Laghman Provinces, and this may have intensified during the War in Afghanistan. In Pakistan, hunting markhor is legal as part of a conservation process, expensive hunting licenses are available from the Pakistani government which allow for the hunting of old markhors which are no longer good for breeding purposes. In India, it is illegal to hunt markhor but they are poached for food and for their horns, which are thought to have medicinal properties

Long Live ISI, Pakistan Zindabad.

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